Getting to Know the Types of Popular Traditional Musical Instruments

Getting to Know the Types of Popular Traditional Musical Instruments – Currently, there are more and more types of musical instruments that can be found and also known as musical instruments that can give beautiful strains of songs.

Traditional music also grows because of the influence of customs, beliefs, and religion, so that traditional music has its own characteristics that distinguish one region from another.

Getting to Know the Types of Popular Traditional Musical Instruments
Popular Types of Traditional Musical Instruments
Currently, traditional musical instruments are very diverse and spread in all provinces in Indonesia and even are popular in the world. Here are 5 types of popular musical instruments that you need to know:

1. Angklung
Angklung is a traditional musical instrument originating from West Java. Angklung is made of bamboo blades arranged in such a way that when it is vibrated it will produce a very melodious and distinctive sound. Angklung must be played by many people in order to produce a beautiful tone. This is because one angklung only represents one scale.

2. Gamelan
Gamelan is a combination of musical instruments that features the xylophone, metallophone, drum, and gong. Just like angklung, gamelan must also be played together in a musical composition in harmony, harmony, and cooperation. The rhythms and sounds produced by the gamelan are soft and distinctive.

3. Sasando
Sasando is a musical instrument originating from the island of Rote, East Nusa Tenggara. Sasando has a unique shape resembling a shell with a bamboo in the middle and is played by picking. The sound produced by the sasando is similar to that of the guitar, harp, harp, and other stringed instruments.

4. Tifa
Tifa is a musical instrument that is usually played during traditional ceremonies, musical performances, and traditional dances. Tifa comes from Eastern Indonesia, specifically Papua and Maluku. Tifa is made of wood, in the form of a tube, and is played by hitting it.

5. Kulintang
Kulintang or kulintang is a musical instrument originating from North Sulawesi and is played by beating. Kulintang is made of wood and is played as an accompaniment to dances, songs, or orchestras. Kulintang has existed since ancient times and is used to accompany traditional ritual ceremonies.