Famous Men’s Pants Trademark

Famous Men’s Pants Trademark – Almost all goods must have their own trademark in order to be recognized by many people and become popular. It’s the same with levis that you want to wear everyday. Levis must have a trademark that is also known by many people.

Now, jeans are changing functions and have a high value for fashion enthusiasts. From various types of jeans to various materials worn by millennials. Various brands of jeans have sprung up and are competing to support your appearance to make it look cool and attractive.

Here are famous and high-value jeans brands that you should know!

1. Nudie Jeans
Many people misunderstand Nudie jeans from America. This Swedish brand has a high fashion value. Many of you must have known that this brand is worldwide and has very good and durable quality of course.

Nudie jeans are famous for their slim fit jeans that are able to fit your feet. Materials made from recycled materials from used jeans are even able to make millennials vying to own them.

These jeans have a model that they made themselves so that it is different from others such as, Thin fin

2. Levi’s Jeans
Surely you all know Levi’s Jeans. Often called the father of all jeans, there is no doubt about his popularity. From dry denim to wash denim, Levi’s Jeans are still loved by all groups.

Besides being famous for its legendary model, the 501 series, Levi’s has other jeans pieces such as the 502 series for regular tapers or the 510 series for skinny jeans.

The number of models available sometimes makes it confusing to choose the one that suits your dress style.

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3. Wrangler Jeans
Not inferior to Levi’s denim. Wrangler denim also has an unquestionable quality. Wrangler denim, which has a vintage design and is famous for its wash denim, has a high value to own.

The stitch details for the Wrangler collection will look more neat and even without any threads coming out. The stitching of the Wrangler jeans will be made of high quality cotton by using high-tech machines.

Pieces of jeans are also not just like jeans of low quality. Everything is done to a high standard through a quality check procedure.

4. Diesel Jeans
For those of you who really like skinny jeans, Diesel jeans are for you. Designed with stretch material and with various models so that you look modern and fancy.

Diesel Jeans are suitable for those of you who have an urban life because of the futuristic model and comfortable use even though these jeans are very skinny.

Not only skinny but slim, straight, carrot and bootcut can also be an option for those of you who want it.